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About Squash Club Madona E-pasts

After an initiative of the current board president of the club, Voldemars Svilans, the first squash court of Latvia was built in 1998 in Madona, a small town. Since 1999 Madona’s squash club members have been very active in different areas in order to make squash more popular in Latvia, to improve the level and skills of the squash players, to attract new people to start a healthy and dynamic lifestyle and also to promote the recognition of Madona’s and Latvia’s names internationally. Each year we organize several tournaments, our club’s members participate in national and international squash tournaments, we regularly collaborate with media to showcase our achievements, as well as encourage new members, especially children and youth, to start playing squash.

Since 2006 we have organized an annual international tournament “MADONA SQUASH OPEN”, which has become a nationally and internationally recognized tradition. It has been our pleasure to host the tournament for many years and to meet squash players from many different countries – Lithuania, Estonia, Germany, Austria, France, Finland, Luxembourg, England, Ireland, Russia and Ukraine. Initially this tournament was aimed at squash masters (35+), but presently all age groups and both genders are represented.

Other activities organized by our club are team competitions and friendly matches between clubs, as there are many positive outcomes - the squash players maintain interest in training on a regular basis, it is a chance for the club members to spend time together and to create friendly relationships with the squash players from other clubs. A few examples: Latvia – Finland team tournament in Riga, in 2007, Madona; Valencia team tournament in Valencia, Spain, in 2009; Friendship tournaments in Klaipeda, Lithuania in 2010 and in Vilnius, Lithuania in 2011. Also, we’ve been closely cooperating with Jelgava squash club and Riga squash club “Enri”. As well as the mentioned activities, our club is organizing a Madona squash league for adults and juniors.

Madona squash club members have been very active in participating in different kinds of squash tournaments in Latvia and abroad – in Estonia, Lithuania, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Cyprus, Poland and Czech Republic. Our Masters (35+) have acheived notable results: the 4th prize in the Finnish Team Championship for Masters in 2004, the 6th, 8th and 10th positions in Latvia’s Championship for Men in 2004, excellent performance in Estonia’s Masters league in 2003, 2004. and 2005, and Voldemars Svilans participation in the 7th World Championship in Helsinki, Finland. Our youngest squash players have also been very successful - Ģirts Gotters won first prize in his age group (juniors under 19) and Ilze Jirjena acquired the 3rd prize among girls in Latvia’s Championship in 2007. Mārtiņš Baumanis, Valdis Ragozina and Krišjānis Kalniņš showed excellent squash skills by winning the first three prizes in their age groups in Latvia's Championship in 2012.

There is no doubt that our club has been lucky to include two great female squash players - Linda Svilane and Liene Rieba. Linda has achieved great results since year 1999. She’s been one of the best in various tournaments in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, she was also a champion of Latvia in 2004, 2005 and 2007. Furthermore, she played for Latvia’s female team in the European Nations Challenge Cup in 2007, and represented Valencia’s (Spain) female team in the National Team Championship of Spain in 2010. The promising junior Liena Rieba has improved her performance and skills every year by training regularly and participating in different national and international tournaments. Liene won the second prize among juniors in Latvia’s Championship in 2009, and won the third prize among females in 2012. She also won the first prize in her age group in Estonia’s Female Championship; the fourth prize in Poland’s Junior’s Championship and the third prize in Finland’s Junior’s Championship, all achievements in 2011.


Madona squash club is grateful to all it’s sponsors and collaborators, especially to Madona municipality, SIA „AB TEHNOLOĢIJU KORPORĀCIJA”, SIA ”AIVIEKSTES ENERGOBūVNIEKS”, SIA ,,Īpašumi AK", SIA ,,Brabus", "TRAINAHEAD", SIA ,,Cers projekti",  reklāmas aģentūra ,,leone", sia „Kaijas", SIA ,,Asigne", SIA „Zelta BoulingA CENTRS", sia „Rudzons", and individually to Rinalds Krūklis, Māris Štrombergs, Agita Kalniņa, Jānis Jirjens, Andris Rieba un Aleksandrs Sautins.